Monday, August 11, 2014

Salem Pond and Hiking

My mom lives very close to a nice pond and playground.  One morning Amber, Mom, Dean, the boys, and I went down to the pond to play.  The boys went into the water with Mom, and I stayed up on the grass and chatted with Amber and played with Dean.  A very pleasant morning.  And then time to go bathe the boys.  Pond water is fun but definitely requires a wash off.

I think it was later that same afternoon that we went for a little hike with Megan's family.  It was a short but beautiful hike called "The Grotto."  The name doesn't fit.  If I was Anne Shirley I'd probably call it Wood's Way or something like that.  

Over the River

And through the woods

To the Waterfall!

There was a bird's nest built into the side of the mountain wall.




Those moments made me want to move to Utah.  What an amazingly beautiful place!

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Keegan said...

Oh! The Anne Shirley reference reminds me why we're friends! :)