Sunday, August 3, 2014

Trip to Moroni

We went to visit Jared's parents in Moroni, Utah over the week of July 4th.  We rented a car and drove up, stopping in Amarillo on the way.  Jared got to visit the Judge's chambers, and I got to see my friend Emery again.  The drive was okay, but Micah was sick for a lot of the ride and that made things more difficult.  However, we arrived safely, and then we were ready to play.

Moroni is a pretty small town, and his parents live at the end of a street that borders a big field and mountains.  They have a very large yard with soft grass, and it was so fun just to feel the freedom of open spaces.  On Monday night we had a cookout in the backyard.  The boys (Micah especially) were so excited to help light the "camping" fire.

After dinner we played several outdoor games for Family Home Evening.  Playing Duck, Duck, Goose with Grandma and Grandpa was lots of fun!

On Tuesday we spent the day in the Utah valley area.  Trevor, Amber's husband, was studying for the bar and couldn't take much time away.  We met up with him and Amber at a park in Orem to say hello. Later that evening we went to James' (Megan's husband) birthday party.  He rented the Payson pool and there were pizza and snacks and treats to eat.  He either has a LOT of friends or a lot of party crashers because it was a pretty happening party!  This is the only picture I got from the party.  What is with Luke's face?!

On Wednesday and Thursday we played at Grandma and Grandpa's and also visited Aunt Rachel and Uncle Paul's.  Jared's sister is back door neighbors with his parents, so it just a quick walk to get to her house.  She has the only pool in Moroni, and the boys went swimming there almost every day.  Katrina's boys, and Sally and her kids came for a visit too.  We went shooting together on Wed.  All the pics are on Jared's phone, but Luke was very excited to shoot a gun with Jared's help.  Micah didn't like the noise and stayed in the car the whole time.  On Thursday, Mom and Dad watched the boys so that Jared and I could do a session at the Manti temple.  That was so neat because we were married in that temple but had never done a session there together.  It was very special.

Hanging out at Grandma's:

Jared and his sister, Sally

Early on the 4th Jared's brother Leonard, his wife Amber, and their three boys came down for a visit.  We went to the parade.  Rachel's family saved us places on the curb.  Luke was so excited that Cameron's (Rachel's son) dog, Gomer, came to the parade.  Luke loved that dog!  He was, I think, the most well behaved dog I have ever seen.

Watching the parade:

Ashlynn in the parade:

More watching:

Grandpa in the parade:

That night we did a few fireworks at the house.  Mostly flowers and sparklers, if I remember correctly.  Last year Luke was only mildly interested in the fireworks and very scared of them.  This year he was right in the action.

Micah watched from a distance:

This is Micah and Grandma waiting for the big show to start.  The Moroni fire department puts on a nice show from the field right across from Mom and Dad's house.  We got a front row seat.  Micah stayed put for about 3 fireworks and then wanted to go inside.  Luke stayed for the whole show this year!

Jared left early the next morning to get back home and prep for trial.  I drove him to the airport and then came back to get the boys ready and finish all the packing.  Jared's parents work at the temple on Saturdays, so they had to leave pretty soon after I got back.  We took a few final pictures before we had to leave.

The boys with some of their cousins,
Memphis, Micah, Cooper, Luke, and Hayde

G&G with some of the grandsons

It was a wonderful visit.  I wish it could have been longer!  I'm sure we'll see them next year!

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