Monday, April 16, 2012

Sunday with the Wilkersons

A typical Sunday starts with Jared heading off to meetings and me scrambling to get both boys ready, myself presentable, the snacks packed, the blankies gathered, and lugging everything/ everyone to the car. The boys and I are pretty much always late.

Sacrament meeting consists of passing snacks to Micah as fast as he can stuff them into his face while simultaneously catching Luke before he topples over the seat because he is standing up to look for Ms. Keegan or Caleb or Brother Harmon or whoever it is that has popped into his head at the moment. It also consists of handing out band-aides. No-- no one is hurt. It is just the toy of choice. Other activities include clamping a hand over Luke's face when he starts to demand VERY loudly to go to the urinal to pee pee, playing "which crayon is not yellow" over and over again, and looking at a few books.

Honestly, though, Luke has actually gotten to the point that, though a good amount of shushing is required, he can make it through the entire meeting. Micah makes it through the sacrament portion of the meeting on a good day (even given the fact that we were late getting there.) So he and Jared often spend most of the meeting hiding out in the Relief Society room where Micah can move and Jared can (sort of) still listen. Usually I stay in sacrament meeting with Luke.

But yesterday Luke wiped Gluten-free cracker mess all over his pants, and the typical didn't quite pan out. I (not thinking) used a wet wipe to clean him up, and it was the end of the world. "I need new pants! I need new pants!" He CANNOT tolerate ANY wetness on his clothes. He was trying to strip down right there on the first row of the overflow, and I tried to distract him by suggesting we find D and Micah. It worked. He was distracted, but the rest of the meeting was a wash. Here is what happened in the Relief Society room during the 2 1/2 minutes that we (mostly) didn't step in to stop to them:

Energy much?

The day progressed with Micah crying in nursery and being brought to us. I walked laps outside during the second half of Sunday school to put Micah to sleep (the stroller ALWAYS comes with us to church.) Micah finally fell asleep and I parked him in Elders Quorum and made it to Relief Society. About 10 minutes before the meeting ended I saw Luke's teacher. I went out to see what's going on, and there was Luke standing in the hallway trying to get his pants off. Apparently a tiny drop of hand sanitizer fell on his pants. He was crying that he needed new ones. Well, I didn't have extra pants, but I did have some spare shorts. So this is how Luke finished off the day:

And off we went to check out the GIANT air conditioner before heading home.

Yep, in our family Sunday is DEFINITELY a day of rest.

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Keegan said...

Caleb said, "It's Luke! He looks pretty cool in those shorts!" Obviously jealous. Sundays are a hard day with young families anyway, and you guys do get the craziness to the max! On the bright side, at least you're never bored, although maybe a little boredom would be nice sometimes. ;)