Monday, April 23, 2012

Techno Dummy and the Rest of Tessa's Visit

Blogger is all different, and I'm all confused.  When it comes to technology I wish the world would freeze and let me catch up for a year or two.  I can't even figure out Facebook, let alone answer an iphone.  I don't have to worry about iphones and what not, though.  I just have a Tracfone that can barely ring.  What can I say?  I'm out of the loop.  Someday I plan to get in that loop, but as of now I will just take forever figuring out blogger. And posting all of my pictures backwards and out of order.  

Tessa came on Sunday, the 8th (Easter).  She left on Wednesday morning.  Luke was in school, but Micah and I got to take her to the train station.  Micah was a big fan of watching the train.  

On Tuesday we picked Luke up from school, went to his occupational therapy appointment and then spent the rest of the afternoon at York River State Park.  It was the PERFECT day to be outside.  The boys swung (or is it swang?), climbed on equipment, checked out the ceiling fans and air conditioners in the office, went for a walk, threw rocks in the water, and generally tuckered themselves out.  And Tessa and I talked and talked.  I love having friends like that-- we won't see each other for months or even years but can pick up just where we left off when we meet each other again.

So Monday morning we had gone to Lowe's.  That afternoon after naps we went to Jamestown Settlement.  Luke picked Tessa as his favorite buddy, and happily dragged her around.  Tessa was a great sport about it.  I shouldn't even say it that way.  She wasn't just "putting up with Luke"-- she honestly had a good time.

 Leaving the Settlement, Luke climbed up on top of the car.  He is so silly sometimes.  Tessa snapped a picture as I yelled at him to get down.

 And... the rest of the pictures from Tuesday.

Great trip, Tessa!

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Kathleen said...

you're so skinny and i hate you for it.

love, kathleen

ps i love your kids. send them to me.