Monday, April 16, 2012

Student Egg Hunt

The Saturday before Easter one of our friends put together an egg hunt for the LDS students' kids. About 6 families showed up which was really the perfect number. Luke and Micah both understood about hunting eggs this year, so it was a lot of fun to watch them find the eggs. Can you see Luke rearing to go?

And they're off! My kids took a bit of a running start:

"Look Mom! An aquamarine one!"

Micah stopped at the first egg he found, bit it open, and just went to town. I guess we need to work on delayed gratifaction.

Not sure what this face was all about:

Micah spent the rest of the morning raiding people's Easter baskets. I constantly found him with this look:
(basically the "my mouth is so full of candy I'm about to throw up" look) Awesome!

Also that morning Micah decided he was brave enough to go down the slide all by himself. I got the best pictures EVER!

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Keegan said...

Those are such beautiful pictures of Micah on the slide! You are right! You couldn't have *planned* anything more adorable than that.