Thursday, April 12, 2012

Luke's Spring Break

The one event that I actually got pictures of during Luke's spring break was a visit to the Virginia Living Museum with one of his teachers, Ms. Ginger, and her 2 kids. Luke and Camden are the same age, and Luke was so excited to see the otters with his friend!

Looking at the ducks

I had a talk with Luke beforehand about going slowly so that his friends could look around. He usually beelines through the exhibits to get to his favorite things (which are not the animals-- he wants to get to the ceiling fans, etc.) He did a pretty good job waiting for Camden.

Micah spent most of the time trying to climb in and out of his stroller over and over AND OVER! He is constantly climbing! So he got buckled in and had to suffer the consequence of his bravery. I kept him calm by feeding him.

Everyone was happy once we got to the forestry exhibit. Micah ran around from one thing to another. And Luke and Camden played with 2 ball exhibits for at least 40 min. I think they would have been happy to stay all day! I wish we could have stayed a bit longer, but Micah was getting tired and hungry.

Micah would steal bottles from the Ranger's house exhibit and carry them around to other parts of the room. Here he is sucking on the soap bottle in the tent. I don't even want to know how dirty that bottle is, but I'd be willing to bet it had been in another mouth before his. I took it away right after snapping the picture.

This was a favorite of both Luke and Micah. You turn the crank in the middle and it creates the energy to work the switches. Any guess as to what Luke kept turing off and on? Micah wasn't strong enough to turn the crank fast enough to make the switches work, but he didn't care. The turning action was what he liked anyway.

One of the ball exhibits

So we went to the VLM on Wednesday of his spring break. On Thursday night we met the Taylors at Chickahominy Riverfront park where they were camping (right here in town.) We didn't want to stay overnight, but we were happy to come for dinner. We roasted hot dogs and made S'mores. The boys chucked rocks into the water and ran around chasing friends. It was the most fun evening I had had in a long, long time! And it made Jared and I contemplate the need for a good tent...

We did something fun everyday that week, although I can't remember now everything that we did. I remember a trip to the "library what has ceiling fans" and a long walk in CW. All in all, it was a great little break.

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Keegan said...

We're so glad you joined us for part of the camp-out. I wish we had time to go on a camp-out together... Anyway, it was so fun to even meet like we did.