Thursday, June 9, 2011

Therapy and Progress

Micah met with the physical therapist from CDR last Friday. She was very helpful and taught me some easy exercises to do with him every day. Somehow (I HONESTLY can't figure out how I'm balancing so much!) I have done the exercises with Micah every day, and he is making some fast progress. Yesterday he rolled from back to belly all by himself! For the very first time! He did again today, so hopefully it is sticking. He is also balancing so that he can play with toys to the side, and he is propping up on the palms of his hands for a few seconds.

All on his own he is figuring out the pincer grasp, and he is so very proud of himself when he gets a puff into his mouth. Eating is one of his favorite things to do!

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Kathleen said...

YAY Micah! and seriously, kudos on having such handsome boys! i am glad he is making so much progress and seriously, HOW DO YOU BALANCE SO MUCH?? you're super mom!