Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Boys, My Boys, My Boys

We are so proud of our boys!

Luke: Luke has made so much progress in a lot of areas. But his 2 biggest areas of progress this past week are with eating and potty training. Luke has gone from refusing any kind of meat at all to taking baby bites of grilled chicken, deli turkey, and deli ham. Last night at dinner I was coaxing Luke to take a bite of grilled turkey and he said, "I want the ham." I handed him a slice, and he ate the whole thing! My mom and I just stared at each other like, "Is this real?" In addition, Luke is consistently wearing his big boy underwear without any accidents. He even likes to use the toilet at new places now (friends houses, church, therapy office). Once he decided he liked the toilet, he has pretty much trained himself. We couldn't be prouder of his progress!

Micah: Micah is also making a lot of progress. He is sitting on his own now to the point that I can walk out of the room for a minute and not worry about him falling over. He can reach for toys on the sides (bend down and steady himself to straighten back up). He is using his pincer grasp like a champ. He rolls from back to tummy pretty much every time I lay him down on his back. I even sometimes find that's he's rolled onto his tummy while he's sleeping. We met with his physical therapist again yesterday (the 21st) and she was very impressed by his progress as well. Our next assignment is to give him tummy time everyday with the express purpose to help him shift weight onto one arm and reach with the other as well as pivot his hips from side to side while he is on his tummy. He doesn't like to do it. Right now he keeps both hands down on the floor or raises both to the side in a Superman position, but I bet he'll get the idea of what he needs to do very quickly.

Having two boys who need a little extra help makes each step of progression feel like a miracle. I cry with happiness every few days over our little victories. It is definitely true that struggling makes one more aware of God's hand in one's life and his overwhelming presence and love.


VA Bradshaws said...

That is great news! So glad things are going well for both of them. You're amazing Stacy!

Russ and Ashley said...

That is awesome!

Kathleen said...

you've seriously given me hope that one day olivia might take a bite of ham. i don't even care if she eats the whole thing, just placing meat in her mouth would work for me.

i'm glad all your hard, hard work is paying off. you deserve the mom of the year award!

The Jones Family said...

Stacy you really are an amazing mom with amazing kids! I am so happy for you guys!
Don't forget you owe me a beach playdate!