Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Butterfly Exhibit

My "Poor-me!-my-husband-will-be-gone" present to myself was a new pass to the Virginia Living Museum. I had one the first year we lived here, and I loved it! I've wanted one for awhile because it is so fun to go with friends. I bought it in May, and we have been quite a few times already. Last week we were able to go with my friend Rachelle and her two (almost three!) kids. This week, on Thursday, we met up with my friend Stacy and her son Tucker.

It was a rough beginning-- Luke spilled his drink all over himself in the car. Luckily I had a spare outfit for him! We got some funny looks as I pushed him into the museum without his shirt on, but we went right into the bathroom and got him cleaned up and dressed. Right as I finished dealing with Luke, Micah wanted to eat and poop. But we were finally ready to go play!

Luke had so much fun playing with Tucker. He was (as always) a bit of a jumper from thing to thing. But he did focus on a few of the animals.

Looking at a snake

We'd never seen this before!

Riding the Frog

Waiting so patiently

Climbing the log

Because it was so hot, we decided to skip the outside exhibits and took a gamble going to see the rotating exhibit at the museum. Right now it is a big exhibit on butterflies. It was great! So, so kid friendly. We played in there for almost an hour. The boys had a blast! And Luke was very engaged and exited. It was perfect for everyone because since he was so into everything I got to talk to my friend Stacy instead of running after Luke. Even Micah got out of the stroller to have a good time.

Luke can't wait to show Mima the butterflies!

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Kathleen said...

seriously, how DO you do everything that you do? i wish i could BE you! you are the world's best mother and i am glad you blog so i can see your glowing example!