Saturday, June 18, 2011

Home Therapy

Each week we get "homework" from Luke's therapists. I try to do as many activities as I can. Some of things we do are jump on the air mattress, carry heavy things around the house, play direction games, speech cards, threading beads, playing play dough, drawing on Luke's easel, and playing in shaving cream. Most of the time, we have a lot of fun.

But some days disaster strikes.

Luke tried to put his ear on the shaving cream, and discovered he didn't like it at all. Well, Luke, I guess you live and learn.


Kathleen said...

i love luke's homework! you are a brave mama. if olivia had anything to do with a wide open tin of shaving cream she would be naked, the kitchen would be barricaded in and newspaper would be covering everything! and always, STOP BEING SO HANDSOME LUKE!

Sarah said...

hahahaha! That was awesome!!