Thursday, June 2, 2011

Diet Changes

I have been doing a lot of reading and talking to people and encountered almost daily the advice to try a Gluten free/ Casein free diet to help everything from severe Autism to ADHD. I read that a lot of children with sensory integration issues have digestive problems (which Luke seemed to be experiencing) and that Gluten and Casein seemed to be extra difficult for these children to digest due to damage in the intestinal tract.

Then, about 2 months ago (since Luke has started speaking more) Luke started telling me almost daily that his tummy was hurting. So I was thinking about trying this diet but was scared to start because Luke eats so few things. He was basically eating pureed baby food, bread, and milk. But I finally decided that we needed to bite the bullet and make some changes to see if it worked to help him.

Luke has been off of milk for 2 weeks and gluten (wheat and oats) for 1 week. So far he has stopped complaining that his tummy hurts, his chronic runny stools have cleared up, he is sleeping better at night, AND he has made leaps and jumps in his development. He is focusing better, and has made a big increase in the number of verbs he is using and in the complexity of his sentences. We've gotten great reports from school and from his therapists and are so glad we tried this.

His progress makes the challenges of this diet completely worth it.

(And as an added benefit, I've lost 3 pounds!)


Keegan and Patrick said...

Oh, that's awesome! I'm so impressed by you both. Way to go on doing something that seems like such a challenge and way for Luke to go on his progress. I'm so excited for you all. Can't wait to see you and your little men when we get back!

Sarah said...

That really is awesome!!! I'm so happy for him (and you!) Also, that's a super cute picture of Luke.

Elle said...

That is great. Gluten allergies are much more common then we realize and often under diagnosed. Glad he is feeling better

Kari said...

Woohoo! How fabulous. I bet you're so excited!

Kathleen said...

that kid is SOOOOOOOO handsome. and hilarious. and have i mentioned SOOOOOOO handsome?! i loved chatting with you and i miss you! if you come to utah this summer you better call me!