Sunday, June 12, 2011

Preschool Fun Day

Since this upcoming week will busy and since the last 2 days are half-days (which in pre-k means the kids only go to school for an hour and a half) the preschool celebration was last week. They had an outside fun day with activities and centers set up so the kids could wander and play at will. Afterwards Ms. Alicia had made a slideshow of pictures from the school year.

I was late getting to the outside party because I wanted Micah to get a good morning nap. I got there in time to push Luke in the swing for a little bit.

Luke had a good time watching the slide show. But the best thing of all was the present of a CD with the pictures on it. Luke was happy to just open and close the CD case.

We had lunch together.

Journal time after lunch

Center time-- playing with A.

Making a teddy bear with Mrs. K

Luke has enjoyed his pre-school experience so far. He is lucky to have 3 very patient and loving teachers and access to wonderful services and resources.

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Kathleen said...

i love his lunch, it looks so familiar! that looks like a really fun school. i thought swings were illegal or something. luke is SO handsome. i want him to come live at my house.