Sunday, June 8, 2014

My Other Mother

This mother's day my family got to celebrate with my other mother.  I know many of you have heard me talk about Debbi Herrera, and I wanted you to see the beautiful woman I am talking about!  Jennifer and I have been best friends since 2nd grade.  So Debbi has known me for a long time.  Jennifer and I have given her grief for the past 22 years, but I think we made her laugh enough to make up for it.

She has been an important person in my life for many, many years.  One of my favorite memories of her was when she came with me to the big Mother/Daughter dance team event my senior year.  My sister had just had her first baby, and my mom had to be with Megan (of course!)  I was glad that I had a wonderful woman to step in and fill my mom's shoes for the afternoon.  As part of the event the seniors modeled formal dresses and exchanged letters with their mom.  I was happy to exchange letters with Debbi and thankful that she was so happy to do that for me.  I have many memories of Debbi, and there are many things I admire about her.  But the thing I admire most is also the thing I remember and cherish most-- she notices people.  She listens with her whole attention, and always looks for ways to serve and uplift.  More than just 1 event or day I will always remember how she made me feel: special. I love you, Mom H!

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Keegan said...

How wonderful to see a picture of her! She sounds wonderful, too, and always did when I got to hear about her in person too!