Sunday, June 8, 2014

Micah's Last Day of School

Micah started school in October.  We put him in primarily for the socialization and structure.  Micah struggled quite a bit.  He had a hard time following the rules and sitting still, but he still had a good experience.  
The aide-- Ms. Tina

Micah's teacher-- Ms. Laura

Ms. Laura was a great teacher for Micah.  She was firm but loving, and she set clear boundaries.  Most importantly she liked Micah and viewed him as a child that "had a harder time" instead of a "bad kid."  Perspective makes a HUGE difference, and I think Micah blossomed quite a bit.

Socially he made great progress!!!  His favorite friend was Mina (above), but he played pretty well with all the kids in his class.  Around Feb we started doing weekly play dates with Mina, and they played well outside of school too.  The first time I saw him grab a friend's hand and STAY TOGETHER while they played, I kind of teared up.  That was in January.  And since then he has continued to progress socially.  His teacher implemented a color system for Micah (and just Micah) per my request, and that helped his behavior quite a bit.  Micah was happy to go every school day.  So I'd say school was worth it!!!

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