Sunday, June 15, 2014

Kindergarden Graduation

Luke was so excited the week of Kindergarden graduation.  He had been singing the grad songs at home, and I was excited to see if he would actually sing them during the program.  Graduation was the week before school got out.  I guess they did it early because the last week had many award ceremonies, especially for the fifth graders, and I think they just couldn't fit everything into the last week.  On the day of the graduation, when Luke woke up, he told me, "I feel like today will be a special day!"

The children were supposed to come in their Sunday best.  Luke wanted to wear a tie, so here he is!  The classes entered to "Pomp and Circumstance."

Luke was on the top row, 2nd from the end.

Luke scanned the room for awhile before he finally found me!

The boy Luke was standing next to was a bit silly during the waiting.  Luke kept telling him to be quiet.  If that isn't a case of the pot calling the kettle black, I'm not sure what is.  Although, to be honest, Luke did great up on the stage.  The kids sang a few songs, and then they filed back off the stage, and the students were called up one by one to receive their diplomas.  

The children were introduced with their name as well as their future occupation.  
This is Luke Wilkerson, future first grade teacher.

Our proud graduate!!!

After everyone received his or her diploma they sang one or two more songs about moving on to first grade.  That was so cute.  Luke got really into it.  He was pretty excited.

Luke was jumping up and down, so the picture is blurry.

Luke's wonderful teacher, Mrs. Lewis

Luke had a good year in kindergarden.  I was so nervous at the beginning!  To be honest, I worried through the whole year about how he was doing.  His teacher kept reassuring me that Luke was doing just fine.  He had his challenges, but he really did great.  He stayed in the top reading and math groups during the year.  And he made a LOT of progress socially.  He interacted with friends at school, and he seemed to be well liked by his peers.  His teacher had high but realistic expectations.  She was a great fit for Luke.  We are thankful that he had Mrs. Lewis, and so glad that Huggins was a wonderful fit for Luke.  We are very proud of our graduate!!!

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Keegan said...

I love Luke's enormous smile in just about every picture! It sounds like he had such a great experience both throughout the year and at the graduation -- that is THE best! The sort of thing to warm a mother's heart FOR SURE! Way to go, Luke!