Thursday, June 5, 2014

21st Century First World Blessings

A few weeks ago now, both my boys got sick.  Luke woke up screaming in the night with an ear ache, and Micah was running a fever (AGAIN!) for three days.  Usually on day three I go to the doctor.  This time I took both boys.  Luke had an ear infection, and Micah had a throat infection.

I thought about the miracles of this modern age.  First, before we ever went to the doctor, I controlled Micah's temperature for 3 days with Tylenol and Motrin.  He was a bear when the medicine wore off.  I am soooo glad I didn't have to suffer through 3+ days of whining.  I suffered through an hour of it until the next dose kicked in.  Not too bad.  

Second, we went to the doctor.  She emailed or faxed a prescription to CVS which I picked up on the way home.  Within 24 hours all symptoms were gone!  Aren't antibiotics amazing?!  I am so glad that I live when they exist.

Third, while my kids were sick and cranky we had TELEVISION to keep them happy, as well as lots and lots of BOOKS.  I don't even want to speculate about how those sick days would have gone without Peppa Pig.

Fourth,  we had a stash of cool craft supplies from Grandma Debbi, Grandpa Terry, and Aunt Jennifer.  

Luke and his butterfly

Micah's lobster

I am so glad that I live now and that I live in America.  I think in an earlier time or a different place Micah probably wouldn't still be alive right now.  And Luke sure wouldn't be the boy he is either.  Counting my blessings!!!


Amber Cox said...

I concur. Every time I make a list of things I'm grateful for, it seems microwaves and fridges make the top 10 (I'm a big fan of leftovers). And traveling overseas made me REALLY grateful that we have clean water. Modern times in a first world country-- what a blessing!

Also, Megan told me that she doesn't buy the whole "most valiant were saved for the last days" bit. She's convinced she was saved for the last days because she is too whimpy to live without a flushable toilet.

Keegan said...

Yeah, I used to think that I wanted to live in history sometime -- probably Revolutionary War era or something grand and dramatic. Too much historical fiction! I am so grateful for technology! Last year when my dad had his cancerous tumor removed, I was totally reminded of that!

Keegan said...
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