Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Little Gym

Luke and Micah both love their tumbling classes.  They started their classes in September.  I did research online and then called a couple of gymnastics studios.  The Little Gym of Katy seemed like the best fit.  There is only 1 class at a time which I LOVE.  Also the teacher student ratio is low, so the kids get a lot of attention and it is easy to keep control at all times.  There is a nice lobby behind glass windows so I can see the class the whole time.  I am grateful for this during Luke's class on Monday evenings because I can keep Micah entertained in the lobby with books, etc. and keep an eye on Luke as well.  Also, the whole environment is geared towards younger children.  There is a lot of music and repetition. 

Luke loves to walk up the wall holding on to a low bar.  He also loves the jump track and the balance beam.

Micah loves the balance beam.  He also likes hanging from the bars and doing somersaults.  He is so proud of himself that he can do one without help!

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Sarah said...

The balance beam is a great source of anxiety in Zack's life!