Saturday, October 19, 2013

Micah's Birthday

Micah turned THREE on September 29.  It is amazing how fast the time has flown by!  We had a simple party for Micah on the 28th since the 29th was a Sunday.  Micah had 2 requests:  the bounce house and a pink cake with M&Ms.  

It was a family only party only since Micah doesn't have any friends of his own yet.  How sad!  (We have since met a few children close to his age, so that is changing.)  But Micah LOVES his family, and he was so happy that he could see almost everyone at his party.  

First there was pizza at our house.  Then we opened presents.  Micah got lots of Thomas trains!  From Emily and family he got Thomas and Emily (the gleaming green engine.)  Cara and Libby gave Micah Gordon and Flynn the fire truck.  Percy and James were from Mima, and Grandma and Grandpa gave Charlie, the cheeky purple engine.  Micah was so excited!    

Micah got several books and a very neat set of puzzles from the Herrera/ Duarte's.  Do any of y'all remember the book "The Monster at the End of This Book?"  I LOVED that book when I was younger, and the boys now love it too!

Micah also got a pink pig!

Micah loves pink, and he loves pigs.  Pink pigs to be exact.  He was so happy to see this.  He named his pig Pinky, and he keeps it in his bed to sleep with at night.

After presents it was time for cake.  I have to say pink with M&Ms was pretty easy to deliver!

He was happy with it.

After cake we went to the "bounce house."  We planned to go to Pump It Up, but when we got there we found out there isn't open jump on Saturdays-- only birthday parties.  I hadn't booked a party because I felt that was overkill for a family party.  So we caravanned up the road a few blocks to Monkey Joes.  This was still a pretty good place but much larger than the other one and a little scarier to keep track of the little ones.  I'm glad he got his bounce house party, but I think we'll stick with Pump It Up whenever possible.

On Sunday Micah got his present from Mom and Dad.  A new trampoline!  With the party and the rain we couldn't put it together on Saturday, so Michael came over after church and helped Jared put it together.   The boys had missed not having a trampoline.  The weather thrashed the trampoline in Amarillo and completely destroyed the enclosure.  We wanted one that would be safe for little ones (Libby Rae and Beckett) to play on too.  So we left our old one with a family in Amarillo that has older kids.  Our yard here is pretty small, so a little trampoline fits better.  Plus, with little visitors, a smaller trampoline lets kids get on and off by themselves safely.  The boys can still jump and play, but it is harder for adults to join them.  In lots of ways the bigger trampoline was better, but this one is great for now.

A very happy birthday to my favorite 3-year-old boy!


texasmima said...

He is a wonderful boy. And such a cute one!

Amber Cox said...

He looks so big! Has he really grown that much since June?! I'm glad he had fun.

Patrick said...

Yay! Happy birthday, sweet Micah! It sounds like a wonderful birthday! I wish I could come play trains with him: I love building train tracks-- it's one of my favorite toys to play with -- that and Legos. (Keegan. Obviously.)