Friday, October 25, 2013

Micah Started School!

This picture is from last winter when Micah first starting talking about going to school.  He has been waiting and waiting for so long!  First he was told that he had to be 3 to go to school.  Then he was told that he had to be potty trained.  Mostly Jared and I were waiting to find out about the school district program and whether Micah would qualify before we seriously looked into anything else.  We kind of figured that would give us enough time to get Micah potty trained either way.

But alas!  Micah is still not even very close to being potty trained.  And he started school anyway.  There is, I am sure, some bad parenting in that scenario.  But I thought he was ready for school and that we should pursue it even if he wasn't making big progress with potty training.  So here's how it came about:

Micah did a screening with the school district and they recommended doing a full evaluation.  We decided to do the evaluation, even though we were doubtful that he would qualify for the program. But I had a nagging feeling that it might not be the best option for Micah.  I asked about some private programs and did some online research but was still holding off until we heard more from the district.  But when the full evaluation was finally being scheduled, we backed out.  The school where Micah would attend, we found out, was about 25 min. from our house and in a bad part of town.  Since our only real goal for Micah this year is socialization we figured a private church preschool would be more than fine.  

I signed Micah up for the M,W,F class at Memorial Lutheran Preschool.  Really two days a week would be fine, but Micah loves his tumbling class on Tuesdays, so I didn't want to change that.  Plus Thursday is the library story time, and Micah enjoys that too.  

Monday was Micah's first day at Memorial Lutheran.  I put the camera in the car the night before so I wouldn't forget to take a picture of him walking into school on his first day.  I still forgot!  But here are a few pics of me picking him up from HIS VERY FIRST DAY of school:

His teachers say he's doing great interacting with friends and participating in the activities.  His only oddity is his interest in the a/c units that are right outside the playground fence.  Micah's favorite school activities are painting and recess.  He says thank you in his prayers for Ms. Laura and Ms. Tina, and he talks about kids in his class.  So I feel really good about our decision.  

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