Friday, October 25, 2013


Saturdays are different than they were in Amarillo.  We are pretty much back on the law school/ Virginia schedule.  This means that Jared has to work part of the day every single Saturday.  But we always manage to do something fun as a family.  On busy days, it is simple.  One Saturday we went for donuts in the morning: 

This past Saturday we went to the Houston zoo with one of Jared's co-workers and family.  This is the boys with Mr. Scott's little boy:

Micah and Cameron

We have gone to Bass Pro Shop, the neighborhood playground, cousin's houses, Lowe's, and Los Cucos.  We always had time with Dada in Williamsburg and we have time with him now.  But I will tell you that the time we have is suddenly very precious again.  The boys very much look forward to Saturday time with D.

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Keegan said...

This post sort of reminds me of a cute book a friend of ours got from the library called Saturday is Dadurday. Also, it's so strange to see Micah as "the big kid" in the zoo picture with Cameron. How our kids have grown!