Saturday, October 5, 2013


On labor day we went to "Pump It Up" with Michael, Cara, and Libby Rae.  The boys were very excited to play with Libby and show off to Michael and Cara.

Micah is a great climber!

Luke is a great jumper!

and a brave slider.

This is a tornado simulator.  It blows really fast, really loud wind.  Michael took the boys in there, and I thought there might be a freak out.  But they loved it! (Headphones required.)

They had to do it again with Cara.

Later in the day, after Jared was done working, he and I took the boys to Bass Pro Shop.  And we happened to run into Jeff, Aunt Lori, Brevin, and Keaton.  Luke and Micah were so excited to see more cousins!  They looked at fish:

Drove some boats:

and saw the fish again.

Emily joined them with Beckett a little later and then we all went to eat at Fudruckers.  Days like that are awesome!  I LOVE the chance to be with family.


Amber Cox said...

Michael does have a way of coaxing people to do things. I'm not even surprised that with his help the boys loved the tornado simulator! (Good thing it wasn't the real thing like the warning in Amarillo). And it seems that Micah is a pretty big fan of Cara. I'm just so happy that you are so close to so much family!!

texasmima said...

It does look like fun!

Sarah said...

We want to live close! Too fun.

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