Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Big Snow

Amarillo doesn't make the news that often, but this past week Amarillo created quite a stir with a record-breaking 12 inch snowfall.  That is the second highest snow fall in recorded history here.  The snow started falling last Sunday night and continued most of the day Monday.  Coupled with fog and a strong wind it was quite a sight to behold.  The wind blew the snow in swirls down the street.  It looked like the snow was falling sideways.  And because of the wind patterns the snow made hills and valleys across our yard.  It piled high between homes and next to fences, and because the wind was blowing down the street the snow got deeper and deeper the farther down the street one looked.  We were definitely grateful to be in our warm house and thankful that the power never went out.  School and work were cancelled on Monday and Tuesday, so we had a lot of family time this week.

On Tuesday we bundled up and went outside to play for a bit.  The sun made everything so bright that none of the pictures turned out very well.

Maybe the craziest thing of all is that here we are just one week later at a nice 70 degrees today.  We didn't even need to wear our jackets to church.  Weather sure is a crazy thing!