Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Build and Grow

Last Saturday Luke and Jared had a daddy/son date to Lowe's Build and Grow.  Twice a month Lowe's puts on a free clinic where kids can make a fun project.  We had never gone before, but I had always thought Luke would enjoy it.

I registered him online (pre-registration is required) at the following site:

and then he and Jared made this monster truck together.

You can tell that Luke was pleased with the end result.  Jared said he stayed focused and interested, and they were the first ones finished.  While Jared and Luke did manly things Micah and I popped next door to do our weekly Walmart shopping.  I had anticipated the craft taking about an hour.  Luke and Jared were done after 20 minutes, but as Lowe's is Luke's all time EVER hang out, he didn't mind waiting.  He saw fans, air conditioners, tractors, lawn mowers, bath tubs, washing machines, and all the other things that he just loves.  I think Luke had a good Saturday!

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Amber Cox said...

That is the most adorable smile I have ever seen.