Friday, March 22, 2013

Ready for School

Micah can't wait to go to school!  When Luke grabs his backpack for school, Micah wants his own.  Many days Micah cries when Luke walks inside the school doors.  He yells, "Micah go school!  Micah go school!"  I've told him that he will go to school when he is three.  Apparently that's too long a wait.  Micah wants to go NOW.  AND HE WANTS TO RIDE THE BUS!


Amber said...

So adorable!

Keegan said...

Oh my goodness! Micah is so big and SO cute! I love his smile! I wish I could see these two little boys! Agh! Why is Texas so far away?!

texasmima said...

His time will come soon enough!