Monday, November 5, 2012

Trick or Treat

We had a small and simple Halloween.  The school didn't do any Halloween related activities-- no parade, costumes, party, etc. which made me feel very justified in our cheap costumes.  Luke said he wanted to be a fireman this year, and we found a jacket and hat at Goodwill (the yellow jacket) for a few dollars.  Jared found a second firefighter jacket there for Micah (the red one.)  I laughed about it at the time because the red jacket was much too big for Micah.  

On Halloween night we got all ready for our church trunk or treat.  Luke had on his yellow jacket and was dancing because he was so excited.  Meanwhile Micah refused to cooperate with anything.  He wouldn't wear the pirate costume I had for him.  He just yanked at it yelling, "Shirt off!" so I tore apart the closet in Jared's office searching for Luke's doctor costume from last year.  I finally found it (bottom box, of course!) and put it on Micah who immediately screamed, "Shirt off!"  This is how Jared found us when he got home from work.  He asked where the other firefighter jacket was.  "Just put Micah in that!" to which I rudely pointed out that it was much too big.  So Jared talked Luke into wearing the red jacket and when we put the yellow one on Micah, that stinker just smiled and said very smugly, "Coat!" and we were off.

We were a few minutes early to the trunk or treat, so as people finished setting up, Jared took the boys to do some traditional trick or treating at some houses right by the church.  Then they came back to do a quick round at the Trunk or Treat and it was time to head home for bed.

Happy Halloween!

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