Thursday, November 15, 2012


I have to begin this post with some quick background information.  In my effort to make a good impression on Jared's co-workers I made some cookies one Friday for Jared to take to work.  Then the next week we made some cinnamon rolls for him to take-- mostly because I wanted them, but I didn't want an entire cookie sheet full.  Those turned out so well that I wanted them again a couple of weeks later, so we did it again.  And now it has become somewhat of a tradition to the point that on Fridays Jared's co-workers ask him what he brought.  There are, however, a few people who don't work Fridays and have missed out on these tasty treats.  We wanted to give them a real doozy of a snack, so one Monday morning Jared brought in delicious HOMEMADE kolaches.

We love kolaches in our house!

So here's the story of kolaches.  In the time I was away from Texas I ALWAYS had to have a kolache or two whenever I came for a visit.  They are so good that, in my opinion, they rank up with BBQ brisket as one of the best foods in Texas.  Up until a few weeks ago I used my pigs-in-a-blanket dough to make some passable kolaches when I was really dying for them, but they really weren't anything like the kind I would buy at the donut shops.  And so they didn't totally fulfill the NEED.  I assumed that in moving to Texas I would now be treated to delicious, warm, melt in your mouth Texas kolaches like I was missing.  But alas!  We haven't found a donut shop in Amarillo that makes them.  So we went on a hunt via the internet for a good kolache recipe.  Jared found a winner!

Is your mouth watering?

If not, then you have never had a true kolache experience.  And you MUST try this recipe.  So click on the link below and have a great breakfast!

Oh, 2 final tidbits about the recipe.  We did not use little smokies.  We used the frozen sausage links (like the Jimmy Dean links), thawed first.  Also, we used grated cheddar cheese instead of American cheese, and both changes worked great.  Next time we're going to switch it up and do some sausage, some bacon, and some ham.  I can't wait.

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texasmima said...

I printed off the recipe. They look yummy. I am sure you are a hit at the office!