Saturday, November 10, 2012

Rock Stars

The absolute best part about living in Amarillo is Jared's 9 hour/ day job.  It's wonderful having so much time with him.  The boys love it as well.  They get  D time jumping on the trampoline, reading books, and lately, PLAYING THE GUITAR.  

It started a week or so ago.  I had to go somewhere, and while I was gone Jared pulled out his bass guitar and had a jam session with the boys.  Luke and Micah had so much fun strumming the strings and playing with the amp that Luke asks to play several times a week.  Usually Jared is happy to oblige.  Sometimes they get the toy screw drivers and drag them over the string to pretend they are playing a violin too.  Such musical aspirations!


texasmima said...

looks like fun

Sally said...

THAT'S where that amp went! :)