Monday, October 22, 2012

Amber and Trevor's Visit-- Day 2

Wednesday morning was Early Intervention day at the Discovery Center, so Amber and Trevor came with us.  We spent a longer time than usual in the space and robot exhibits, which I thought was nice because it was a change.

But when we got to the motion/ energy part there were a lot of new things.  I'm not sure what the point of all the arcade games were, but Micah especially was excited to play "drive a car."

Luke is pretending this is a hand dryer.

I think this magnetic toy was Luke's favorite of the day.  He played with this for a very long time!
(It was my favorite too.)

Or actually, maybe I liked these glasses the best.

We left about 11 to get Luke ready for school-- extra spiffy because it was picture day.  And after school we packed in more fun.  We took Amber and Trevor on a tour of Lowe's (It's a visiting Luke tradition), and then we raced home for dinner.  And then back out to visit the pumpkin patch.  It was a lot more entertaining than Pumpkinville where we went in VA.   There was a big corn maze, several slides and climbing equipment, zip lines, a Big Blob (Is that what it's called?), a petting zoo, hay ride, corn cannons, and of course the patch.  

Slide inside the corn maze

Chasing after Micah

Bouncing on the Blob

The Hayride
Luke was scared of the "bumps."

Going down a slide with D--

We had so much fun with Amber and Trevor!
We just wish they could have stayed longer--

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