Sunday, November 25, 2012

Quotes to Remember

Every once in awhile my kids say something and I think, "I've got to remember that!"  Here are two quotes that I want to remember: one from Luke and one from Micah.

About a week ago, Micah fell in the kitchen and started to cry.  I scooped him up and took him to the couch to hug him and rock him.  Through his tears he was saying something that was hard for me to understand.  I finally realized he was chanting over and over, "Too bad!  Too bad!"  And I laughed as I realized that I say that a lot when he gets hurt.  "Oh!  That's too bad!"

Also about a week ago, I heard Luke say, "Derlick!" when he was trying to fix something and couldn't quite do it.  I heard him say it again when he dropped something.  I said, "Luke, what does derlick mean?"  He said, "You know.  It means like 'Oh my goodness!'  It's what you say."  And that's when I figured out he was trying to say Darn It!  HaHaHa.  I've explained to him that the expression is "Darn It," but I guess he prefers Derlick because that's what he still says.

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