Tuesday, February 14, 2012


We got snow on Saturday night! We weren't expecting it because the weather has been so nice. Just that morning we had gone to Wal-mart in sweatshirts, but the weather continually dropped all day. And then...snow!

The boys were so excited to go play! I didn't have boots for Micah, but I remembered a picture of myself when I was small wearing bread sacks over my shoes in the snow. I tried to copy the idea and rubber-banded sandwich bags over Micah's shoes.

It didn't work. Every time he took a step he slipped.

This is the little snowman that Luke and Jared built. Luke is working on the head right there:

I wish I had taken a picture of the final product. The head was just about the size of that tiny snowball. Luke was so proud that he made it all by himself that Jared just agreed it was perfect.

He had to see the air conditioners with snow on them!

We gave up with the bags and just let Micah run around and get wet.

Micah loved the snow. He would dart all around just looking and laughing. He fell a few times but jumped right up and kept going. Jared and I fought over who had to follow him. It was tiring work.

Whoever wasn't with Micah was dragging Luke around on a makeshift sled. I grabbed the lid off a storage bin, covered it with a trash bag, and wa-la! We just couldn't pull very hard or fast because there was nothing for Luke to hold on to. I wish I'd gotten a picture!

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