Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hide and Seek

Micah was sick AGAIN all week. He was running a fever between 101-102 degrees from Monday-Friday, so we were stuck at home. We had to find things to keep us all occupied and to keep the boys happy. We played a lot of games, but Luke's favorite was Hide and Seek. The first few times we played Luke hid under the covers on my bed every single time. Then he started to get the idea of trying new hiding places. Only he didn't really understand hiding. He would just sit on the couch or climb on the kitchen table. It was a new place every time, but it was almost always right out in the open. So I told him, "Luke, if you want to be tricky you have to hide under something or behind something so that I can't see you."

He understood the hint to some degree. But it was HILARIOUS to see his follow through. After a few hiding places I had to get the camera.

After a few times of catching me with the camera, Luke decided that he wanted to be IT for a change. He decided that IT got to use the big camera, and he wanted a turn. So here are his shots of me:

Overall it was probably our best sick week. Luke was very understanding about being stuck inside. Micah was okay as long as he had some Motrin. We watched a lot of Baby Einstein and Backyardigans (well only one episode over and over and over), did art projects, built towers with blocks, and read LOTS of books. Micah and I read book after book while Luke was at school. But I sure was glad when the fever broke last night and we could get to the store today!


Keegan said...

Luke's really a pretty good photographer. And, hey, I think his hiding spots were pretty good. After all, in most of them, it looks like his face was hidden, so he couldn't see you-- if he can't see you, you can't see him, right? I'm glad Micah is feeling better. That boy needs like a whole year of healthiness for his own good and yours. Poor kiddo, and poor mama.

Amber said...

So funny!! He's sure good at that game. Also, in the picture with Micah (Luke's under the blanket) he looks like mini-Luke. You can definitely see the resemblance in that picture. What handsome boys!