Saturday, February 25, 2012

Blue Blankies

Jared says he had a little blue blanket (with Care Bears on it) when he was little. As I have yet to see any pictures or hear any stories for proof, I think he's just trying to get into the club. The blue blankie club. Of which I am sure that I deserve to be president.

This is me with my baby blanket christened Bluie:

Very few blankets have ever been loved (or anthropomorphized) as much as my Bluie. Even then I had pretty much loved it to death. If you saw it now you wouldn't even recognize it as a blanket, and you definitely wouldn't know how it got the name Bluie because pretty much every last scrap of blue cloth is gone. How I loved my blanket!

And so I really love that BOTH my boys have also latched onto little blue blankets.

Before his 1st birthday Luke decided he needed his blue blanket. I'm glad he picked this one because it has some sentimental value for me as well. Right after our 20 week ultrasound (when we found out we were having a boy) we went to Baby Depot to pick out something for a boy-- and I picked this blanket.

Around a year ago (I can't remember exactly when it started), Luke invented a new ritual with his blanket. Before sleeping he spreads it over his pillow (or rather has Jared or I do it because it can't have ANY wrinkles) and sleeps on it.

He eats breakfast with his blanket almost every day:

My absolute favorite thing about Luke's blanket is it's name. About the time Luke's speech started picking up (around a year ago) he started calling his blanket Booky (Boo-kee). It's name is now Eddie Booky (sometimes just Eddie and sometimes just Booky-- but usually both.) Jared says that takes the cake on weird names. I think I agree.

And now Micah has a favorite blue blanket of his own! He picked it out as a favorite a few months ago, and he hates to sleep without it. Micah's understanding of language is picking up, but even last month if asked "Where's Mama?" he wouldn't look for me. But if we asked him, "Where's your Blankie?," he'd start giggling and go searching.

That's a boy in love with his blanket!

Micah loves playing peek-a-boo with his blanket.

But he also likes to pull it over his head and try to walk around. He has had several bruises on his forehead from walking into walls or furniture.

Here's to our blue blankies!

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Bill said...

Yes, Jared really does have a blue blanket with Care Bears on it. It has his name and birth date embroidered on it in yellow. Fun, Fun! Glad your family is united!