Saturday, February 4, 2012

Heaven and Earth

Luke has been a little bit sick this week. He threw up once on Wednesday-- no symptoms before or after and then again last night. Same thing. Really weird. That isn't really the point of this post. It's just a little background info.

We had this conversation today:

Luke: Is Casey dog in heaven?
Me: That's right.
Luke: Is Luke on earth?
Me: Yes, you are.
Luke: Did Luke throw up on earth?
Me: Um... yes, I guess you did.
Luke: Yeah. I threw up on the earth.

Not exactly sure why, but I found it hilarious.

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Kari said...

B started doing the same thing, throwing up out of nowhere then being fine then a few weeks later doing the same thing. No one else was getting sick or throwing up. I asked the pediatrician and was told that kids between 4 and 5 often develop reflux, which it turns out B has. She also said sometimes at that age they just don't want to go to the toilet and holding it again and again can cause them to throw up. Just an idea, because I thought it was totally weird when B started doing throwing up out of nowhere about 3 months ago and he and Luke are about the same age.