Monday, February 20, 2012

Luke's Prayer

Two night ago it was Luke's turn to say the prayer. Every night we remind him how to act before we begin the prayer. It takes longer to prep for the prayer than it does to say the prayer. Luke has to go through a whole slew of questions: "Do we say Bah! during the prayer?" "Do we hit during the prayer?" "Do we scream during the prayer?," etc.

So anyway before he began we reminded him to speak reverently and to be still. He started out great, but then he started talking in nonsense words. I interrupted him and said, "Luke, you need to use real words." He opened his eyes, looked right at me and said, "I'm talking in Spanish." And then he ended his prayer "Jesucristo. Amen."

Jared just grinned!


Keegan said...

That boy has an aptitude and eagerness for language. He needs a bilingual school. :)

Frank and Jess said...

How cute!