Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Plan

Following Jared's graduation from law school, we will be moving to....

Amarillo, Texas!

Jared was offered a clerkship there with federal district judge Mary Lou Robinson. These judges get over 500 applications for just one opening, so it is a great honor for Jared to be offered this clerkship. We feel very blessed. Judge Robinson was appointed by President Carter, so she has a lot of experience. In addition she also has a career clerk who has been with her for over 20 years. Jared will be learning from the best. He will clerk for Judge Robinson for one year.

And then we will be moving to Dallas, Texas where Jared will work at K&L Gates.

Here's to real life! We eagerly await it!


Amber said...

Congrats again! I'm very excited for your family and we're all proud of Jared and his hard work!

Kari said...

Hooray for Dallas! That's where we are! I was so sad to leave you behind in Williamsburg now we'll see you again!!!! Congratulations. Enjoy your year in Amarillo!

The Sorrell Family said...

This is great news for 2 reasons 1. Jared got his clerkship and 2. Hopefully we will get to see you for Spring Break. Really we are so excited for you guys. What an honor to be picked. I am calling Justin right now, he will be so happy for you guys.