Monday, January 30, 2012


The first creature that Luke ever named was a frog (represented here by the first decent frog picture that I found by googling "common frog in water") that we found in our complex swimming pool over the summer. It was stuck in there and looked like it was about to die, so we fished it out and Jared and Luke went on a walk to rescue it by dumping it into a little pond that we pass on the way to see the octagon air conditioners. While they walked Jared asked Luke the frog's name and he responded, "Air conditioner." Luke remembers this because just a few weeks ago we went on a family walk to see the octagon air conditioners, and Luke dragged Jared over to the water and asked him where Air Conditioner was. He was clearly asking about the frog.

Luke is just starting to name some of his toys. This is the first little doll he ever named. And which of all the names possible did he choose?


I might have convinced him otherwise, but I've met a child named Seven in my lifetime. And I ask: Is Dollar any stranger than Seven?

Now this doll I named. Her name is Sadie. It fits, right?

Luke thought this doll should also be named Sadie:

Now, I admit that they do look alike. But I pointed out some differences and showed him that they were different "people." So this doll needed her own name. What should it be?

Luke chose Henry.



After laughing over that with Jared, Jared brought up the idea that perhaps Henry was a nickname, short for Henrietta. Yikes! If that were my name, I'd go by Henry too. So this little girl is still named Henry. It's just changed spelling: Henri. That looks more feminine, right?


Good pick, Luke.

If we ever get a dog, I wonder what our dog's name will be?.....

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Keegan said...

You need to do a post on all of Luke's nicknames-- his blanket, his dad, Caleb, what else? Maybe you have, but I can't remember. Anyway, the kid has a gift for naming things.

I think Little People only have like 8 people and they just give them different props and reuse them. We have some movies with their characters that came with the zoo we have. I think that Sadie is actually named "Sonya Lee." Personally, I prefer Sadie, so I'd go with that. So Luke's probably right, those two people probably are the same.