Monday, January 2, 2012

The Great PA- Day 1

We left to visit Nathan, Sarah, Skyler, and Zack on the 23rd of December. We had wanted to make a longer trip, but Jared didn't finish everything he had to do for finals until VERY late on the 22nd. (WORST SEMESTER EVER!)

Before we left for Pennsylvania Nathan emailed us what he thought was the best way to get to his house. It avoided DC traffic and so even though it was longer mile wise it would be faster time wise. Jared decided to trust the GPS instead, believing that the traffic sensor on it would send us the best way. WRONG. We should have trusted Nathan because we sat on 95 for a long time. But once we got there, it was nothing but good.

On day 1 we ate a yummy dinner, had a tour of the house, and then bundled back to the car to go the Herr's potato chip factory to tour the lights. I think it was the coolest thing we did over our entire trip. Even though it was chilly it was so fun and Christmasy. And the boys had tons of fun running around. I just loved to see Luke and Skyler chasing each other and laughing. And poor Micah was struggling to keep up. He failed, but he had a good time trying.

Micah was exhausted because he slept all of 20 minutes on the car ride to PA. But it doesn't matter how tired he is-- he'll be happy outside.

Of course the green lights were Luke's favorite!

I finally have a haircut that I really like, but unfortunately after riding in a car most of the day coupled with a windy, freezy night my hair looks terrible in all of the pictures.

I think Luke took this picture. Not bad for an amateur!

Nathan and Zack

We hiked all the way down to this tree hoping for great family photos, but when we got there we found that it wasn't actually a tree. It was just lights that looked like a giant tree from far away. Doh!

So we settled for a few trunks.

But we got some great shots of the boys by the manger.
We were yelling, "Look at Jesus. Look at Jesus!" but the boys would only look at the sheep.

Then we went home and got the boys into bed. Nathan and Sarah opened one of their presents early-- a game called Ticket to Ride-- and we tried it out. I really, REALLY liked this game and we played it 3 out of the 4 nights we were there. It has now been added to my wish list, right after HOUSE.

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