Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a pretty eventful day. Micah woke up before 6 am, and Jared and I didn't want to disturb anyone, so we tried to keep him happy cooped up in our bedroom. That didn't work so well. Luke woke up soon after, and then it was even more impossible to keep them happy in our room because Luke knew that the toys were in the living room. We finally gave up and let them go out to watch a movie. While I was getting drinks for the boys Micah explored the cupboards-- he pulled out a glass lid for Sarah's frying pan, dropped it, and shattered it. So while Jared corralled the boys out of the kitchen I frantically swept up glass. Later we made embarrassed apologies.

Nathan wanted to get a card table because they were having extra company for Christmas Eve dinner, so Nathan and I made an early morning trip to Walmart. You can see some interesting people at Walmart early on Christmas Eve morning. I'll just leave it at that, except to say that I had no need to be embarrassed about being there without a shower.

After morning naps we went to the city park. It was super cold, and we didn't stay that long because the boys' eyes were running. But it was nice to get out for a little while.

Luke thought it was so funny that D rode on a sea horse.

Side note: I just love the nicknames that Luke creates. He calls Jared "D." Micah is "Mee-kee" or "B." I don't know how I got saddled with "Malls." So I guess I don't really love every nickname he comes up with. I mean, come on. How come Jared gets to be D and I have to be Malls???

All the boys loved the slides.

Zack liked going down:

And my boys liked climbing up:

Micah liked spinning the tic-tac-toe.

Funny faces.

Right before we left Jared helped Luke climb a tree.

Lovin' it!

After we got home I can't remember what we did. Probably just hung out for awhile. I can tell you what Luke did. All day he was OBSESSED with Skyler's little MP3 player and ball popper. He hardly came out of his trance all day. So he played with those things, and we did whatever. Then we started getting ready for dinner. Nathan and Sarah's friends came for dinner at 4:30 ish. We had a fun time eating aebleskievers and lil' smokies.

While the food was cooking Luke and Skyler had a dance party.

10 to 1 they were listening to "Trudge Trudge" (Backyardigans)

After dinner the kids acted out the Nativity.

Joseph and Mary:

Luke was a shepherd:

And then a wiseman:

And Micah just crawled into this chair over and over:

Then we got the boys ready for bed.

While Sarah and Nathan helped the elves, Jared and I relaxed and watched some TV before turning in early. We kept looking at each other and saying, "Should we go help?" but then we kept sitting there. Um.. so sorry about that.

All in all, a great Christmas Eve.

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