Thursday, January 12, 2012

Micah's First Haircut(s)

Micah has come a long way since his baldy-baldy days of baby-hood.

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We both just loved Micah's blonde curls. So while Jared and I both knew that his hair was getting a little on the silly side, we loved it so much that we couldn't cut it. But suddenly, just passing into the first week of January, his hair went from adorable to ridiculous. He started looking like a neglected redneck.

I didn't want to use clippers because I didn't want his hair that short and because I thought Micah would be afraid of them. I also didn't want to use scissors myself because the whole idea of holding sharp objects by a squirmy baby's head just terrifies me. Plus I really don't like the blunt bowl-cut look that is so hard to avoid if one doesn't know how to blend. And I don't.

I wanted him to look like this (my nephew Skyler):
I wanted the top to stay long, but the sides cut short and blended really well.

So, in hoping for the above, I took him to a cheap salon and paid $10 for someone else....

to give him a blunt bowl cut. Doh!

After a few days I just took the clippers to his head anyway. He did scream like crazy, but it was over quickly. And he looks much better now. So it looks like I'll be cutting his hair from here on out.


Sarah said...

I think it looks cute! I always get sad when I end up cutting Skyler's hair super short, so a lot of time I'll cut it short, then I'll only cut the sides myself and just let the top grow long. I take him into a place every 5th haircut or something like that.

Also, the back of Micah's head reminds me of Luke's! I think the back of Zack's head looks just like Skyler's too. So now with Zack's haircut, seeing him walk around from behind, he looks like a mini-Skyler.

Amber said...

I also think the haircut makes him look a lot more like Luke. Handsome boys!

Kari said...

Oh cute. I miss you guys. When are you moving to Texas? I know you've got family and all here, but I hope we'll get to see you every once in a while. We've got family in Houston that we go down a few times a year to see.