Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Week in San Antonio

The week after my birthday the boys and I went back to San Antonio with Jared so that we could spend a week together and so that I could get a better feel of the city. I was nervous about the trip because Jared was staying in a very small pool house in the Heiner's backyard and because I am terrified of driving anyplace I am not familiar with.

This is the pool house where Jared was staying. It was nice but small. It was almost like a studio. This room served as the bedroom/ living area. There was a small bathroom and teeny kitchen downstairs.

A lot of things made the trip worth it, but the best thing of all was seeing how excited the boys were to see their dad.

On Monday the boys and I mostly hung around the pool house other than a little bit of shopping. Being at home wasn't as bad as I had anticipated because Mr. and Mrs. Heiner allowed us to use their yard, so we spent a lot of time playing on their swing set. Mrs. Heiner also let Luke come into her house and even offered to watch them for me while I took a shower. Luke loved it because they have a giant Great Dane named Max, a little pink stereo on their fireplace hearth, and lots and lots of ceiling fans. That evening we picked Jared up from work and went to dinner and the laundromat. Luke liked ceiling "the lots and lots of washing machines."

I can't remember what the boys and I did Tuesday afternoon, but we did something fun and that night we went to Taco Cabana for dinner.
In this picture you can't see Jared pacing back and forth outside while talking on his cell phone but that is what he did the entire time we were at dinner. It was an important call for his calling at church, but I was still frustrated because meanwhile Micah started to cry and Luke pooped his pull-up and tried to strip down buck naked in the middle of the restaurant. I was dealing with Micah and Luke had been outside following Jared around, so I didn't realize what he was doing until I noticed a group of guys at the table kiddie corner from us all stopped with mouths gaping open. I turned to see what they were looking at and there was Luke with his shoes and socks off and his pants half-way down. So I had to take him into the very dirty bathroom and try to change him one handed while I held a squirming baby in the other hand. So that was not the best day.

But luckily Wednesday was much better. The boys and I went to the Children's Museum in downtown San Antonio. I was so brave. I just plugged the address into the GPS, drove all the way downtown, parked in Jared's parking garage and walked us over to the museum. Both the boys had a blast!

There was a big trolley in the entrance of the museum that Luke went back to "drive" several times.

Luke's favorite part was the ball exhibit. He put the ball down a hole and the ball would shoot through pipes up in the air.

Micah liked crawling around and chasing the balls, so spent the most amount of time in this exhibit.
We saw some fish.
and a giant night-bright.
Luke drove Micah in a train.
There was bubble exhibit, and airplane exhibit, a telephone exhibit, a bank exhibit, and then a mini grocery store where kids could shop and scan their groceries.

Luke had so much fun! Several weeks later he still talks about the "nuseum."

Later that evening we went to the River Walk. Both the boys enjoyed looking at the water and seeing the lights and fans in the restaurants.

We went on a little boat tour around the River Walk. Luke still talks about things he saw on the tour: ducks, birds, water, fans, people singing (a Mariachi band).

It was good to have the week with Jared.

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