Friday, August 5, 2011

San Antonio (Trip #1)

On July 7 my parents, the boys, and I went up to San Antonio to visit Jared. Jared had a dinner party for work that night that he wanted me to attend, so we brought baby-sitters. It was a pretty fun dinner, but afterwards I told Jared that I just didn't know how to answer the question, "So what do you do?" because I don't want to say that I just stay home. What I do is hard, valid work. Plus I want to express how much I LOVE being with my boys. Jared told me that in the future I should answer that I get to take care of my boys full time. I like that-- that is definitely my answer. I get to take care of my boys full time.

The next day (on Friday) we had to keep ourselves entertained while Jared was at work. We went to the San Antonio zoo in the morning.

We went to the zoo in Houston 2 years ago, and Luke wasn't that into it. This time he loved looking at the animals (almost as much as he liked looking at the ceiling fans!)

After we saw all the most important animals, Luke and I rode the train. Afterwards we keep talking about the "very loud tunnel" that we rode through.

Later that afternoon, after naps, we found a Chuck E. Cheese and played for a while. Luke has DEFINITELY become a fan of Chuck E. Cheese!

Later that night we had a "Mormon" dinner with the members at the firm. It was a nice evening getting to know some people. And here I didn't have to feel awkward about anything because when I got questions like "What do you like to do?," I could talk about reading Shannon Hale books and other people had read them too. Everyone was very nice. And it made San Antonio seem pretty appealing.

On Saturday we met up with my sister Amber who was finishing a week as an EFY counselor. We ate at Chick fil' A where Luke spilled juice on himself and had to strip down to his diaper. So then we went to Wal-mart to get a new outfit. We tried out the Kiddie Park, went swimming, made an unexpected pit stop at Jack in the Box, and mostly had fun. I wish I'd taken more pictures because we went there to see Jared and came back with zero pictures of Jared.

But it was a great weekend (minus getting stuck in traffic for 2 hours on the way home!)

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