Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mikey's House

We visited Mikey and Cara's new house the weekend of our long San Antonio trip.

Jared had a concert with his firm on Friday night, and I wanted to have a bit more time with Cara and Michael since I knew that this would be our only time to visit before we all headed back to Virginia.

The boys and I played at the house on Friday while Michael and Cara were at work. Early that morning they had dropped Doc (their Weenie dog) off at the vet to get fixed. Mikey had left me the truck just in case we wanted/needed to go someplace. I told him that I'd be way too scared to drive it anyway. And as it turned out Cara had to work late and Michael needed to get Doc before the office closed. So I had to drive his HUGE truck to downtown Austin. I was so brave! And as it turns out, I really like driving big trucks!

Luke spent the best part of Friday and Saturday running back and forth between the air conditioner and the swing. During the other part of his day he stole Cara's blow dryer and played with ceiling fans. Luke LOVES Mikey. If Mikey was home I was not wanted/needed. When I asked if he wanted to swing with me he'd say, "Want just Mikey."

Micah enjoyed having more space to crawl around in.

Saturday morning Michael did some yard work, and Luke liked watching him. He loved blowing the leaves. I think he did this for 40 minutes straight.

Around lunch time Jared got to Mikey's house and we went out to lunch at Mimi's Cafe. This picture is Micahel and his wife Cara with Micah. My favorite part of the weekend was getting to know Cara better. The first time I met her was at their wedding, and of course I didn't get a lot of time to talk to her then. We got to talk more at my dad's retirement party and then at their house. I wish I'd had more time. Hopefully when we end up in Texas Cara and I will have a lot more time to chat and play (and shop!). She's a cool girl!

Thanks for letting us visit!

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Amber said...

My favorite things about this post:
1) The pic of Luke and Mike on the swing looking at each other is adorable.
2) The amount of drool on the front of Micah's shirt.
3) The combination of Luke's PJs with his orange crocs. Awesome.