Saturday, August 6, 2011

Games and Hair

My mom taught preschool for years and years and has a stockpile upstairs of the neatest games for preschool aged kids and younger. Luke had so much fun playing these super educational games that incorporated a lot of the skills he is working on in Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy like pinching, matching, and sorting. She helped me make my own sets of the games to bring home.

This game is really easy to make-- just cut out a big circle and use a protractor to create 10 equal sections. Draw a color in each of the 10 sections. Then color the end of 10 clothespins with the corresponding colors. The child then matches the clothespin to the wheel and clips on the clothespin by its match. We made a number wheel as well.

Amber was a beautiful model. Take note of her super cute haircut. Right after our trip to San Antonio we were feeling brave and both chopped our hair. She loved hers, and I hated mine. It was the first time I ever cried after getting a hair cut. When I came home in tears my mom and my friend Jennifer talked me into going back and having the parts of my hair fixed that I really hated. They fixed up my bangs and raised the back a little, so the second go-round dried up my tears. I still don't love my hair, but at least I won't be wearing hats every day.

(Pictures of my hair are coming)

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Kathleen said...

i would seriously be interested in some of the other educational games your mom has!!