Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Luke Quotes

Yesterday we were at Trader Joe's, and Luke was carrying a bag of Rice Chex and snacking. When we got to the checkout the cashier asked him, "What've you got?" Luke looked right at him and answered, "I got pants." Then he pulled on his shorts and clarified, "These are my pants."

Today we met up with my friend Stacy and her kids to swim at the Y. Luke was pretty excited about swimming. He said, "Luke swims like a fish." I asked him if Tucker swam like a fish. He told me, "Tucker swims like a frog."

On Sunday we were checking out the air conditioners after church (like always!). Luke was looking at the biggest-- it's his favorite. When I told him it was time to go he said, "He wants to see the medium one!" and then, "He likes the small one!" I hadn't even noticed but sure enough there were three air conditioners lined up in a row: small, medium, and large. How smart for Luke to label them like that!

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Kathleen said...

i love luke. there are so many air conditioners in this neighborhood-- i would love to take luke on a tour. i know he is engaged to hazel and all, but he can at least take olivia on a little baby date, they eat the same foods and olivia loves air conditioners, trash cans and cd players, too.