Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why my cousin should come to William and Mary

Dear Spencer, Sara, and Drew,

This is a post especially for you, just to convince you to come hang out with me. (Can you tell that I'm lonely with Jared gone?) Here are some of the reasons you should come to William and Mary:

1. You would get to hang out with your really, REALLY cool cousin and her awesome family.

2. I would investigate all your housing options for you and make sure you get a good place to live.
3. Jared would share all of his study materials and outlines with you-- he has a lot. A LOT!
4. No matter which ward you ended up in, you would be in a GREAT ward. (But you should be in ours!)
Here are just a few examples: Women I hadn't even met volunteered to help with Luke and bring me dinner while I was pregnant with Micah. A nice lady in our ward has adopted me while Jared is gone and has volunteered to help me go to the park, etc. On Sunday Luke pitched a HUGE fit in the pouring rain because he wanted to look at the air conditioners, so I ended up ditching the diaper and church bags so that I could carry Micah and Luke (who was kicking and screaming) to the car. One of the priests saw my struggle and ran through the rain to bring me my bags.
5. We have made such great friends here! You will too. I've already met 2 of the couples who are coming next year, and they are both really cool.

Just a few of some great people you'd get to meet!
(All but one of the girls in our year had a baby over the past school year)

6. You get to hang out at Colonial Williamsburg all the time for just $10 a year. It is the most beautiful place!

7. You will be close to the beach.
8. Trader Joe's-- you probably won't understand that one, but it is an awesome grocery store.
9. History! History! History!
10. You have a scholarship! Did I mention SCHOLARSHIP?!!!
11. Canoeing at Wallermill park
12. Busch Gardens (I've actually never been, but I hear it's rad)
13. You have everything you could ever need (Wal-mart, Target, kickin' outlet mall), but still get a small town feel
14. People here are so nice! Perfect strangers are completely happy to hold my baby for me while I go to the bathroom (I don't do that a lot)
15. The YMCA is income based, so even poor people can have a gym membership :)

If you need more reasons, give me a call. I will do my best to convince you!


leonard said...

Makes me want to move there!

Sara said...

WHAT THE CRAP?!?! How did i not see this until now?!? (also, I love trader joes) everything sounds so perfect. why are we such indecisive people? we still havent made a decision. WE MOVED TO GRAMMYS to save money for the summer. we love you guys and miss you.