Monday, May 30, 2011

Toofers and Teetering

Micah's second tooth is well out of the skin now, and he is glad to have the worst part over with. He has been much happier the past few days. Micah is doing better with solids, but his favorite part of eating is still spitting the food all over Mama.

Micah is doing much, much better sitting up on his own. The picture is blurry because I was trying to hurry. I never know when he's going to topple. Sometimes he'll sit on his own for 5 minutes or more! But he still hasn't figured out how to catch himself with his hands, so if he bends too far reaching for a toy... TIMBER!

And a quick update on Micah's evaluation: We met with a physical therapist and speech therapist from Child Development Resources about 2 weeks ago. Micah has about a 2 month delay in his gross motor skills, so he does qualify for services. He will see a physical therapist at our home twice a month to work on rolling from back to tummy and putting pressure on the palms of his hands. We hope his stint into therapy will be short lived, but we are so glad to have so many wonderful resources available to us.

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