Monday, May 23, 2011

More Firsts

Micah cut his first tooth last week. In this picture, it had just broken through the skin. The way the picture turned out, you probably can't see it at all. But I was trying to show you all the same.

Today his second tooth just barely poked through the skin.

Also today Micah accomplished the big first of getting a Gerber Puff in his mouth all by himself! He looked so proud!

Last Friday was a big first in Luke's life: His first school field trip. He has been learning about farms and animals at school, and his class went to Colonial Williamsburg to look for animals. Most of the animals were hiding, but they did get to see some horses and some sheep. I was surprised by how well behaved Luke was walking with his class. Apparently he's only crazy when I'm around. What does that mean about what kind of parent I am???

Walking with his class, holding the rope

Looking at the sheep (with Max)

Checking out the horses

It was fun to meet up with his class and to see Luke so grown up in big-boy school. I can tell that he likes his teachers and his classmates, although he definitely stayed apart a little bit more than the others, as you can tell in the picture with the horses.

Luke had a big first today at his occupational therapy. He loves Miss JoAnn's stereo. She is the receptionist at his therapy office and is a real trooper about letting Luke climb up on her desk to check out her stereo and CDs when he's done with his session. I've been telling him since last Wed. that if he wants to see Miss JoAnn's stereo he has to ride the scooter on his belly to get to it. And today he did it! Miss Cronin had never gotten him to do it before, and today he just climbed right on! I teared right up as I watched him drag himself over to the stereo. Progress! Sweet, sweet progress!


Jared Wilkerson, Editor-in-Chief said...
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Jared Wilkerson said...

I love my boys!!!