Saturday, May 14, 2011

Division of Labor

Over the years, especially over the last 3 years while Jared has been at William and Mary and I have been at home, we have fallen into a very predictable division of labor. Basically if it has to do with buttons or screwdrivers it falls on Jared, and I don't touch it. If it has to do with cleaning, feeding, or buying it is my domain.

That works fine when we're together, but now that Jared is in Texas we've both hit some roadblocks. First of all whenever the phone goes out (which happens waaaay too often) Jared always fixes it. It hasn't gone out yet, but it inevitably will. So I hope all of you out there who call me have my Trakfone number for when the time comes. Secondly, I don't touch computers except to do my blogging, email, and writing. I can't upload pictures to Facebook. I don't change the ink in the printer. And if it is any kind of new program or formatting I get Jared to do it. But I'm having to step into his shoes just a little to touch the buttons. Yesterday I had to call Jared 3 times before I finally figured out how to change the ink in the printer. I'm waiting for his call to figure out how to download and print about 60 cover letters from Googledocs. Grrr.

Meanwhile Jared will be going to work on Monday with some poorly ironed shirts and a belly full of Lean Pockets.

I think we need each other.


The Razz Fam said...

The last 2 lines um it up perfectly. What would we do without them and how long could they survive without us! :D

Russ and Ashley said...

when are you going down to Texas?

Sally said...

Ugh. It's so true! Men and women need each other. It is such a drag being apart. Hopefully you get to go down there soon!