Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So this is how my day started out

Mostly due to Luke. I woke up to the sound of him yelling "It's sleeping!" That would be Luke screaming in Micah's face. Luckily Micah did not wake up, and I moved him to our room before Luke could do any more damage. But here's what happened later.

1) While I was nursing Micah the first time this morning Luke went into my room (oops! forgot to close the door) and got himself wedged (very tightly) between the headboard and the mattress of our bed. So I had to detach Micah and rescue our little climber.
2) While I was nursing Micah the second time, Luke opened the door to the washer/dryer closet, got the dryer door opened, used the dryer as a stool, climbed on top, and then wedged himself in between the dryer and washing machine. Why he was trying to climb down in between them is a mystery to me. Are you sensing a pattern?
3) I put Micah in his bouncer and realized that no matter how many times I readjusted him, he kept tipping to the left. After looking at the bouncer more closely I realized that it was because the bouncer is bent in such a way that the left side is about an inch and a half lower than the right. Apparently Luke sat in it at some time.
4) Fits. All. Morning. Long. (When he wasn't climbing, he was whining.) I'll just leave it at that.
5) Luke can unlock and open the sliding door that opens onto our balcony/ mini deck. And chuck things off of it. He really likes to do that. I really hate it.

And this was after last night when Luke:
1) Pushed a chair over to the counter, climbed up, and pulled out the butcher knife.
2) Decided I was taking too long getting him out of his high chair and so took the tray off and let it fall to the floor. His dinner took a while to clean up.
3) Got into the cookie jar and took one bite out of like 5 cookies.

These stories make it sound like I'm a negligent mother, but I promise that I'm not. Most of the time he does these things when I'm even in the same room and just turn my back for a minute. I'll just say that LUKE IS FAST.

Anyway, this morning's escapades were all before 11 am. Luckily my friend Nancy came over this morning and held the fussy Micah so that I could clean up Luke's messes and regain some sanity. She must have brought a calming spirit with her because Micah fell asleep and slept until 2. Luke went right down for his nap and joy of all joys... I ACTUALLY GOT A NAP TODAY. And from nap time on the day went great. So, thank you Nancy.


Sarah said...

I'm afraid, very afraid. I'm sorry he's been so naughty! I liked the good quality post too, good too keep thinking of those things.

This morning I came downstairs and tried to hug Skyler and he kicked me and cried and told me to go away. :/

Sara said...

I got exhausted just reading about what Luke has been up to!! :( wish we could come visit, and take that little man out to the park for a little.

Kathleen said...

i stole this picture from you, just fyi. luke is a handful. if he and olivia dated the world seriously might explode.. from both a cuteness overload and a mother hair pulling fiasco.

i don't know how you do it with two. i am so tuckered out by one, and she can't even walk yet.