Thursday, October 28, 2010

His Good Qualities

I feel like the last several posts have been all about how naughty Luke is. And while it's true that he is often naughty (and it has gotten worse since Micah is born) I know that Luke is just testing his boundaries. He really is a good kid. A very CURIOUS good kid. Here are my favorite things about Luke:

1. I love his hugs and kisses.
2. He is very gentle with Micah and gives Micah nice kisses.
3. He will almost always stop doing his naughty thing as soon as I tell him to. He has never gotten to 3 with me.
4. If I tell him to go to time out, he actually goes-- crying, but he goes.
5. He has a great memory, so it's fun to sing and read with him because he can finish the phrases in the books and songs.
6. He has a GREAT imagination.
7. He provides plenty to blog about.
8. He is just TOO DARN CUTE.
9. I absolutely love how friendly Luke is. He accepts people right away. He fell in love with Grandma and Grandpa and Megan and Taylie within 10 minutes of meeting them.
10. I still love his fake evil laugh. He doesn't do it as much as he used to though :(
11. We have fun doing art together and reading together.
12. I love that he loves his Blankie.
13. I am impressed by how observant he is. He copies phrases I say in the exact tone I say them, and he copies what he sees in the kitchen. He can spot an air conditioner ANYWHERE (which is perhaps not one of my favorite things-- but still impressive), and he spots shapes all over the place.
14. He very rarely goes way over the line. He likes to test his boundaries, but I can tell that he also wants to be good.
15. He is mine forever.

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Jade said...

Luke looks a lot like Jared.